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IT Consulting


IT consulting

Design 2 can be your consultants, partners or act as your in-house IT department. We offer friendly, personalized, expert help. Whether maintaining or evaluating your existing networks, designing new infrastructures, performing system migrations or securing your network applications, we can make your network more secure and productive. We can be your "on-staff" IT Department, be your on-call experts or can provide one-time project installation or help. All too often IT people will speak so far beyond their audience that the customer feels left out. We try to communicate a technical problem effectively and clearly to your staff administrator.

Our services include:

  • Install/update, manage and maintain the following Microsoft Windows servers: domain controller(s), file server, application server, SQL server, Exchange server, IIS server, Management Server(s), backup server(s) and onsite/offsite storage systems, anti-virus/malware/spam Solutions, etc.
  • Install/update, manage and maintain internal wired and wireless networks, and Internet connectivity systems including routers, switches, firewalls, etc.
  • Install/update, manage and maintain local and remote desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, printers, etc.
  • Install/update, manage and maintain internal phones, phone system(s) and connectivity.
  • Install/update, manage and maintain security camera systems.
  • Identify, recommend and implement a wide variety of IT solutions including ERP systems, CRM sytems and/or patient management systems.
  • Recommend and implement overall IT security policies and best practices.

Contact us when you are ready to start your next project or simply need help either on an ongoing basis or you have a special issue that needs to be addressed — you'll be pleased with the work, response time, personalized service and our competitive pricing.

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